Consumers with an estate planning need are different than the traditional legal consumer. FindLaw has analyzed its 2016 U.S. Consumer Legal Needs survey of 2,000 consumers with legal issues and broken down specifically how estate planning consumers behave. They:

  • Act slowly on their legal need
  • Move cautiously in their search, evaluating all options
  • Have a strong desire to work with an attorney
  • Trust people over technology

These qualities make them among the more difficult clients to attract. However, estate planning consumers typically have higher incomes and more assets than the average client. Even better, they actively want to work with attorneys, rather than use do-it-yourself resources. These attributes make the effort spent appealing to them worth it.

Get the full story and what your firm can do. Download FindLaw’s new report, The Long Game; Getting Estate Planning Consumers to Hire You.

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