Thomson Reuters was named today as one of the 2017 Best Workplaces in Canada for Women. Organizations recognized have a minimum 90% positive employee response to the statement “I am treated fairly regardless of my gender.”

To be recognized for high workplace equality, companies are assessed based on levels of workplace trust experienced by their female workforce as well as their programs that support women. Organizations must have a minimum of 50 female employees, be a Great Place to Work Certified organization in good standing and provide a male/female breakdown by job level (non-management, middle management and senior management).

Independent analysis is conducted by Great Places to Work Canada®, a global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Employees participate in an anonymous Trust Index© survey on the frequency they experience behaviors that create a great workplace including transparency of communication, degree of collaboration, quality of benefits programs, opportunities for professional development, and support of work-life balance. If 7/10 employees respond positively, the organization is recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified for one year, and therefore qualifies for consideration for the additional assessment as a Best Workplace in Canada for Women.


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