Are you ready for the growing impact on the legal market of outsourcing and offshoring? That was the question that panelists Kevin Colangelo from Pangea3, Toby Brown from Vinson & Elkins and Jordan Furlong from Edge International posed to the audience during an engaging session on Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO).

This topic can be a sensitive one among the law firm community, but was well-received during this afternoon’s thoughtful discussion. Panelists talked about the work that law firms do and divided it into three categories: mission critical, ordinary course of business and commodity. It is estimated that the work that falls in the last area makes up around 40 to 50 percent, and it is with this more commoditized work where law firms may have an opportunity to enter into an LPO arrangement.

The panelists also discussed the value proposition of outsourcing and offshoring and cited cost savings, increases in capacity and efficiency, as well as more predictable costs, as benefits of these type of arrangements.

To learn more, we talked with Kevin Colangelo, vice president and managing director of Law Firm Relations at Pangea3, after the session.

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