The latest version of Thomson Reuters HighQ, a cloud-based productivity solution, brings more than 60 new customer-driven features to further enhance its workflow collaboration capabilities. HighQ is building on the significant changes legal professionals have made in how they work, marked by an increase in the adoption and acceptance of advanced technologies and new models for the delivery of legal services.

“Over the past year, our customers have relied on HighQ to improve their productivity and serve their clients at the highest level, all at a time of unparalleled disruption,” said Chris Kitchener, vice president, Product Management for Thomson Reuters HighQ. “Version 5.5 brings new features and tools to multiple use cases, with significant enhancements to the legal project management and contract lifecycle management capabilities. Additionally, much of the work done to this point has laid a strong foundation for what is yet to come for HighQ this year, anchored by significant upgrades and key product integrations.”

Introduced last week, the HighQ enhancements support new and better ways of working. Users will be able to manage larger, more complex projects with varying levels of hierarchy and create task templates, or matter maps, that capture project knowledge to create repeatable project plans, saving significant time and resources, as well as automating time-consuming tasks. Smart folders now dynamically display files in relevant locations based on their status or position in the contracting process. Additionally, new capabilities have been incorporated into the AI Hub, such as contract deviation reports that include processing status and average deviation.

HighQ delivers an intelligent process-automation and client-engagement solution that improves productivity, streamlines collaboration and accelerates the delivery of legal services for law firms. For legal departments, HighQ offers the tools needed to service legal demand, optimize team efficiency, manage and mitigate risk, and improve engagement with legal vendors.

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