To help users stay ahead of new European Union and country-specific legislation and developments, Thomson Reuters today announced Brexit, EU and EU member state enhancements on Practical Law, plus a Divergence Tracker feature on Westlaw Edge UK.

Practical Law’s team of expert lawyer-editors collaborated with leading European lawyers and law firms to deliver maintained Practical Law content sets on new topics, including International Trade & Customs, and for new jurisdictions.

“The effects of Brexit continue to impact many areas of law,” said Lucinda Case, head of Legal Professionals Europe at Thomson Reuters. “Understanding prevailing EU regulation will be critical for many businesses and clients as the UK exits the transition period.”

A new EU country page on Practical Law includes all practice area content on EU law, so legal professionals can easily access EU legislative and institutional developments in one place. There also are enhanced country pages for EU member states France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy, providing maintained coverage of key corporate law topics, including Formation of Business Entities, Private M&A, Director and Shareholder Matters, Establishing a Presence, Law Making and Execution of Documents.

In addition, Practical Law now includes timely new topical coverage, such as content on the range of measures introduced relating to the holding of board and shareholder meetings as a result of COVID-19 and a spotlight on key points of interest in a range of other areas, for example, insolvency law.

Beyond the new Practical Law resources, Thomson Reuters launched Divergence Tracker, a feature on Westlaw Edge UK. It provides a side-by-side, marked-up comparison of EU and UK law to help users understand how the two bodies of law begin to diverge. Divergence Tracker also allows legal professionals to see how both UK and EU law changes over time, so users can compare laws and regulations as they stood at a point in time relevant to the matter at hand.

Thomson Reuters introduced Westlaw Edge UK, its next-generation legal research system for the UK market, earlier this year, and Divergence Tracker is the latest enhancement on the platform.

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