This post was written by Joel Leeman.

Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services has joined forces with the Defense Research Institute (DRI), the leading international organization of lawyers involved in the defense of civil litigation, expanding the wealth of resources available to DRI members.

Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services is the leading authority in expert witness placement and intelligence reporting services that helps lawyers access qualified experts quickly.

Thomson Reuters and DRI have been working together for years, and the new partnership in expert witnesses emerged through a number of conversations between DRI and Joseph Kubes, director, Strategic Relations, and Steve Anderson, senior director, Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services.

Under this new alliance, DRI members who engage Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services to vet, interview and hire experts will now enjoy the combined resources of both Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services’ network of more than 100,000 experts as well as DRI’s Expert Witness Database of more than 60,000 experts. Specialized teams of Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services lawyers and research professionals will integrate these combined resources with their rigorous methodologies, literature analysis, case law review and more to find and engage the best match of unbiased, highly competent experts for DRI members. The strengthened combined resources ensure finding and hiring the right experts in both niche subject matters as well as frequently demanded expertise areas.

“Our two organizations share the same goal: helping DRI members become more efficient, economical, creative and strategic in researching, finding and using expert witnesses in their cases,” says Anderson. “Our combined offering provides a valuable resource in building a winning defense, whether finding an expert for use in a trial or conducting research on opposing counsel’s witness. We are looking forward to working with DRI to provide their members with the best expert service available anywhere.”

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