An exceptional student at the top of his law class, Amar Jain is on the right track for a successful legal career in his home country of India.  It’s not just his academic achievements that make Amar out of the ordinary though. The 4th year student stands out from his peers at Mumbai’s Government Law College because he is blind.

Rather than experience our Westlaw India legal solution the way other users do, navigating by sight using a mouse, Amar instead relies on a voice recognition program on his laptop. He ‘hears’ the information on screen and follows audio instructions to explore Westlaw’s India pages.

This gives Amar the full Westlaw experience, which he then passes on to other students and users around the country, enthusiastically promoting Westlaw India on Facebook, Twitter and via his personal website (which he designed himself by the way).

So others can get a glimpse of how he uses Westlaw India, Amar created this video.

Amar’s many talents, he is also an award winning public speaker and accomplished singer, with a degree in vocal classical Indian music.

On November 30, Peter Warwick, chief people officer at Thomson Reuters, took time out of his schedule in Mumbai to meet Amar.

Over coffee and cookies, Peter handed Amar, accompanied by his proud father, a certificate and a gift in appreciation of his work as a student’s council representative. An impressed Peter said: “Meeting Amar was inspiring. He really is a remarkable young man who has shown how personality, determination and intelligence, coupled with great technology, can overcome even the most challenging circumstances. His family’s support has been truly wonderful. He has a great future ahead of him.”

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