Neighborhoods often conjure images of summertime block parties, grill-outs or gaggles of children playing together in a cul-de-sac. However, neighbors may not always coexist together so peacefully. According to new data from a survey, more than forty percent of Americans have had a dispute with a neighbor.

“Neighborhoods form dynamic communities with unique personalities, since a group of unrelated people must live close together,” explains attorney editor Stephanie Rahlfs.

The survey produced a variety of data on different aspects of neighbor disputes:

  • The most common cause of neighbor disputes is noise (48%) while the least common cause is parking issues (1%).
  • Only 14% of those who reported neighbor conflicts took no action, while most people addressed the problem by discussing the issue personally with the neighbor (49%).
  • While 27% of those who had conflicts with their neighbors called the police, only 8% went to either mediation or court.

Rahlfs notes, “It’s important for people to know what their rights are on issues such as boundaries, nuisances, animals and so on, as well as what legal and other resources are available that could help them.”

One such resource is FindLaw’s Real Estate Center where homeowners can find helpful information on neighbor disputes, including what steps to take when disputes arise. At FindLaw Answers, staff moderators and other member contributors can ask and answer legal questions about neighbor disputes. Additionally, home owners can contact a qualified attorney in their area to help address difficulties with neighbors.

To find more insights on neighbor disputes from the survey, read the full press release or visit the blog.

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