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The Minnesota High Tech Association has honored Litigation Analytics with a Tekne Award!

Litigation Analytics was recognized in the Software category during an awards ceremony at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Nov. 29. The prestigious award honors innovation in software development to solve strategic business challenges, guide business decisions or enhance productivity and efficiency.

The 2018 Tekne Awards, which celebrate Minnesota’s science and technology community by honoring innovation across numerous industries, saw a record number of applications. For Thomson Reuters, it’s especially meaningful to be honored with a technology award from fellow technologists.

A key component of Westlaw Edge, Litigation Analytics builds on the unmatched data repositories Thomson Reuters has to deliver not just information, but deep insights that enable attorneys to build winning case strategies.

Developing the product involved over two years of close collaboration between members of our product management and technology teams to deliver a ground-breaking solution for customers. We adopted an innovative and agile way of working together, which allowed us to achieve several key success factors:

  • Customer Prototypes:Prior to launch, we tested high-fidelity prototypes with customers to get early feedback, which heavily influenced the development of the product and ensured that customers could hit the ground running once Litigation Analytics was released.
  • Big Data:Content technology teams used Big Data approaches like Hadoop software to enable the processing and extraction of millions of entities and facts from dockets in a fraction of the time it previously took.
  • Machine Learning:R&D created new machine learning algorithms to scan federal dockets, extracting information on motion types and determining the outcome for every party in the case. These algorithms can automatically process dockets millions of times faster than can be done manually.
  • Cloud Adoption: By employing cloud technologies, we were able to rapidly prototype different technologies and increase storage and processing power dynamically to suit the needs of our customers.
  • Dynamic Visualizations:Our UX and application development teams collaborated to create dynamic and intuitive visualizations that unlock insights from the data, giving our customers the answers they need in seconds.

The Tekne Award pays tribute to all our efforts to get it right. Perhaps an early customer said it best: “It’s borderline malpractice not to have Litigation Analytics now. Without it, you’re not serving your client in the best way possible.”

Congratulations to all our Thomson Reuters colleagues who worked so hard to make Litigation Analytics a reality and on this well-deserved award!

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