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Tablets offer many advantages over traditional PCs in building a strong attorney-client relationship during client meetings. Generally, using a tablet – such as an iPad – will foster a much warmer personal setting for your client than using a traditional PC, whether a desktop or laptop. The reasons are simple, perhaps deceptively so.


Last week the news broke about a bill introduced in the Texas legislature that would require the Texas Supreme Court to adopt rules to ensure that appellate courts (including the Supreme Court itself) will decide appeals within a year. This is not a terrible idea. But the proposed legislation contains a provision that would require courts to affirm the lower court’s decision, if the appeal is not decided within the allotted time. That is a terrible idea.


There is an uneasy relationship between trademark owners and online search engines. Court cases over the years have established basic principles for permissible use of trademarks in online searches.


It is likely that many legal professionals give little thought to the challenge that metadata present to information security and privacy. A number of bar organizations have, however, begun to examine this issue. To comply fully with their ethical responsibilities, legal professionals should begin to familiarize themselves with the issues associated with metadata management.

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