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Brand drug ‘product hopping’ comes under scrutiny
In the latest effort to level the playing field for generics, the FTC has stepped up scrutiny of brand-name drugmakers that tweak medications to stay ahead of the competition.

N.Y. AG says NFL should extend sexual orientation policy to recruits
Eric Schneiderman contacted the league following news reports that prospective players were asked about their sexual preferences during the league’s annual recruiting combine.

Corporate counsel push antitrust response to ‘patent trolls’
Cisco lawyer Mark Chandler said that the companies, sometimes called patent aggregators, may threaten competition just as monopolies do.

Though bankrupt, China Medical’s solvency a point of dispute
The liquidation will force a judge to consider an unconventional question: How do you determine a company’s solvency when its chief executive all but erases records of its existence?

U.S. appeals court will let media argue at Apple secrecy hearing
A coalition of media advocacy groups and news organizations will be allowed to share 15 minutes at the hearing in Apple’s high-stakes patent litigation against Samsung.

Chinese vitamin C maker hit with $162 mln judgment in price-fixing case
A seven-member jury in Brooklyn federal court awarded a class of vitamin C purchasers $54.1 mln in damages, which was then trebled under antitrust law by U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan.

Judge tosses Avon shareholder lawsuit over $10 bln Coty bid
Eileen Brantsen said the company’s board gave the takeover proposal adequate consideration.

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