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Analysis: ‘Landmark’ ruling says commentary not needed for fair use defense
The 2nd Circuit’s ruling in a closely watched copyright case involving appropriation of artwork could have wide significance and has helped clarify how a defendant can prove fair use.

After group action fizzles, loan officers sue employer one by one
Employers embraced the Supreme Court’s Dukes v. Wal-Mart decision in 2011 and the accompanying retrenchment in class and collective actions. Now they are facing the inevitable rise in individual actions.

Pharmaceutical case presents novel use of False Claims Act
Competitors rarely blow the whistle on each other in FCA lawsuits. It is even more novel for a company to say an allegedly fraudulent patent was the basis of fraudulent claims submitted to Medicare or Medicaid.

Ambac strikes deal to bar Lemonides from board
The deal will keep the ValueWorks CIO, who the bond insurer accused of “offensive” conduct, from serving on the company’s board after it exits bankruptcy.

Judges OK class actions for NYC tenants claiming rent overcharges
The First Department ruled that tenants could waive their right to treble damages, allowing them to file a class action without violating the law.

U.S. seizes on ruling to boost Wells Fargo mortgage fraud case
Authorities have turned to the Financial Institutional Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act because it carries a low burden of proof while providing broad investigative powers and a long statute of limitations.

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