Through the end of 2012 and into early 2013, Legal Current will feature predictions from leaders across the legal business of Thomson Reuters – a short answer to the following question:

What do you see as a significant trend for the legal marketplace in 2013?

Next up is Robert Schukai, global head of mobile technology:

This year truly promises to be another huge leap for mobile and social technologies. Here are a couple things that are top of mind as we kick of 2013:

1. Apple: Pardon me if I say that I’ve seen this movie before, but I’ve seen this movie before. I love the products and adoption effect they’ve created in the smartphone space. That said, dare I say that the iPhone is starting to feel just a bit like the old Motorola RAZR? Millions of people have yet to play with their first iPhone, so I don’t think the engine has run out of steam, but I’m hoping that with the departure of Scott Forstall, we’ll see something cool and exciting on the software/design front led by Sir Jony Ive. My prediction: Apple will pull a Motorola and start introducing iPhones in different colors this year.

2. Android: Fractures and branches aside, there is no stopping the success of this platform. I think this will be the year when we do in fact start to see more enterprises take a serious look at Android – and not just in developing markets. My prediction: Amazon will take advantage of their application ecosystem and bring at least two phone-type devices to market in 2013.

3. Security: We’ve seen a lot of nibbling and small level security issues, largely around (but not limited to) Android. Mobile operating systems are prime ground for exploits and attacks. My prediction: in 2013, we’ll see a significant security issue take place that again highlights the need for vigilance and a more proactive approach to addressing mobile security.

4. RIM: I’ll be attending the Blackberry 10 launch event at the end of this month in New York. I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that RIM’s two new devices will steady the ship and find good adoption within the enterprise base. In fact, I’ll go even further and suggest that RIM will have greater market share at the end of 2013 than it does at the start of the year. RIM needs an awful lot of breaks to avoid a fade into the sunset, but I do think the market is prepared to give them one last shot.

5. Microsoft: I like the Windows mobile operating system. I even like the adverts on television. Still, Beta was superior to VHS and lost the recording format wars. I just don’t see significant growth for the consumer phone platform in 2013. I predict a flat year for the phone side of the business. I do think the tablet side has a chance, especially when the Pro version is released. Watch for good growth on that front this year.

6. Social trend of the year: We’ll continue to see solution providers playing fast and loose with consumer data (see Instagram, Path, etc). People will spend more time doing “social things” on their devices in 2013 (not a hard prediction) but this year, I predict we’ll see at least one major consumer group lawsuit when data is mismanaged.

7. Patent wars: Here’s my ultimate out on a limb prediction for 2013 – Apple and Google will reach detente in the patent wars.

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