IP battles over whiskey and smartphones, and new legal issues surrounding Google in this month’s Legal Current podcast.

To start, our “Chaos in the Courts” segment features an odd story about a teenager who jokingly attempted to rob a police station.

Then in our “On the Blawgs” segment we feature a blog post about an intellectual property dispute involving whiskey bottles.

Our interview segment is with Stan Gibson of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell who shares why smartphone patent litigation is heating up right now and what it means for the consumer.

We then wrap-up with our “In the News” segment featuring a story from Thomson Reuters News & Insight about a new legal conflict concerning Google’s search practices, freedom of speech vs. antitrust laws.

You can listen to the episode now by clicking the Play button on the built-in player below, or listen later.

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Show notes for June 2012:

0:00-0:50 Open
0:55-2:10 “Chaos in the Courts
2:10-4:35 “On the Blawgs
4:35-32:35 Interview: Stan Gibson on Smartphone Wars
32:35-34:50 “In the News” with Thomson Reuters News & Insight
34:50-35:20 Closing comments

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