In the latest edition of Lawyer2Lawyer, Bob Ambrogi talks with F. Lee Bailey and Judge Kenneth J. Fishman about the key skills lawyers need to be effective in cross examination, as well as their newest book, Excellence in Cross Examination, published by Thomson Reuters. Listen to the podcast here.

“It’s not just another book on cross, it’s a total book on cross, and that has never been written,” said Bailey in the podcast. “People who cross examine day in and day out don’t have the time to sit down and write books…so this is an effort to take any aspirant either at the pre-law stage or someone who has been at the Bar and is in his 50s, and teach them the tools and the track to go from being a some-time cross examiner to one who is consistent and…something like the Tom Bradys of the profession.”

Having represented high-profile names such as O.J. Simpson, Dr. Sam Sheppard, and Captain Ernest Medina, F. Lee Bailey is known for his successful career as a trial lawyer in criminal and civil cases. He has been a licensed attorney for more than 50 years, authored and co-authored 21 books, and is a licensed private investigator.

The Honorable Kenneth J. Fishman was a practicing attorney for nearly 30 years before he moved to the bench. This marks his tenth year as an associate justice for the Massachusetts Superior Court. A former law partner with Bailey, he is a frequent speaker and lecturer for the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and The Massachusetts Bar Institute.

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