The pace of change in the legal industry is accelerating, and Legal Geek and Thomson Reuters will explore several aspects in a series of live Interactive workshops, facilitated breakouts and a thought leadership session.

The free online event will be March 10 beginning at 9am ET (1500 GMT).

Sessions will explore:

COVID-19 – Catalyst for Change? – Insights from corporate law departments and law firms on how the pandemic is providing an opportunity for the legal community to change and thrive.

Maximizing the Productivity of Your Legal Workflow – How innovative law firms are combining technology, process improvement and a client-focused approach to improve their legal service delivery.

Now What’s Trending? – An interactive session on the latest trends in legal technology, how 2021 is shaping up for lawyers and what we’ve learned from 2020.

Contract Review: Themes in Machine Learning — Machine learning and its role in contract review.

AI Ethics – Ethical developments and adoption of AI.

All sessions will have interactivity, breakout rooms or live Q&A to facilitate questions and discussion between presenters, moderators and attendees.

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