The 2012 ILTA Conference is now well underway! We’re looking forward to talking with attendees about what’s new in legal technology as well as sharing what we see and hear via this blog.

Later this week, Allison Guidette, general manager, large law segment, will be speaking at ILTA 2012 to provide an update on Thomson Reuters: Meeting Legal Professionals’ Needs Today

Allison will discuss Thomson Reuters’ perspective on key trends in the legal profession, how we anticipate the industry will evolve over the next three to five years and what we are doing to help legal professionals thrive.

In early 2012, Thomson Reuters reorganized to help legal professionals respond to a rapidly changing market. We are also deeply integrating our legal content, tools and services, moving from closed to open systems and delivering content when and where it is needed. Achieving this vision will help us better meet the needs of our large law customers.

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