Today Thomson Reuters launched Practical Law Canada, providing legal know-how for Canadian law firms and corporate law departments on transactional law and practice in the areas of Corporate M&A, Capital Markets and Securities.

 “Since 1990, lawyers in the UK, and since 2009 lawyers in the US have been relying on Practical Law to provide them with a better starting point based on the knowledge of highly experienced practitioners who have, in their many years of practice, confronted a wide variety of issues very successfully,” said Rachel Francis, vice president, Legal and Regulatory at Carswell, a Thomson Reuters business. “These practitioners not only create the Practical Law content, they also constantly maintain it so that always reflects the current state of the law and the market standards.”

Like the widely followed Practical Law US and UK, Practical Law Canada offers Practice Notes, with explanations from current law and practice written by experts; up-to-date market standard templates; check lists and flow charts as quick reference reminders; legal updates and alerts through the Current Awareness feature, and additional expert analysis and guidance.

To register for the free Practical Law Canada magazine, and a free trial of Practical Law Canada visit the Carswell Store.

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