Thomson Reuters works closely with leading law firms across the globe to incorporate their feedback and guidance into our product development efforts. We drive innovation by engaging with lawyers and law firm professionals to thoroughly understand the challenges they’re facing so that we can deliver legal technology solutions that effectively address them.

We are honored that K&L Gates agreed to partner with us to develop Panoramic, our cloud-based legal workflow system that connects the practice and business of law, enabling firms to predict profitability and provide better service and transparency to their clients. K&L Gates is a globally integrated law firm that operates across five continents. The firm represents top multinational corporations, growth and middle-market companies, capital markets participants and entrepreneurs in all major industry groups as well as public sector entities, educational institutions, philanthropic organizations and individuals.

K&L Gates’ commitment to putting innovation at the forefront by using technology to increase efficiency and deliver more value to their clients made them an ideal partner for co-designing a workflow solution that enables users to better plan, manage and execute legal matters.

Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Financial & Practice Management Solutions, Thomson Reuters


“We were grateful to partner with K&L Gates given their reputation for embracing innovation and their understanding of how technology adds value for clients,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Financial & Practice Management Solutions for Thomson Reuters. “Also, K&L Gates is known for superior client service. Their emphasis on exceeding clients’ expectations shaped how we developed Panoramic to help lawyers and law firm professionals better collaborate and manage complex matters more efficiently.”

Bethany Knoblauch, associate director of Matter Planning, K&L Gates

“We have a strategic priority at K&L Gates to embrace innovation and enhance value,” explained Bethany Knoblauch, associate director of Matter Planning for K&L Gates. “The way that we execute on that, however, is not to jump on every new technology or fad that comes along but to ensure we are investing in the people, products and processes that will have the greatest impact for our clients and lawyers.”

This strategy is rooted in K&L Gates’ commitment to maintaining strong client relationships, which has long been an area of strength for the firm.

Bart Gabler, chief information officer, K&L Gates

“We’ve always believed that we owe it to our clients to not just stay on top of the newest trends, but to truly understand and influence how those trends may manifest themselves into actionable, sustainable products that will help us better serve our clients and drive new business for the firm,” added Bart Gabler, chief information officer of K&L Gates. “We take a holistic client service delivery approach at K&L Gates. This means that along with providing top-notch legal guidance and strategy, we also engage our allied professionals to help solve our clients’ legal business and operations issues. We see Panoramic as a great resource to support that approach.”

Being an early adopter of Panoramic is positioning K&L Gates to realize competitive advantages.

“We recognize that what clients want the most is a firm that understands their business needs and behaves in a cost-conscious matter,” said Knoblauch. “Panoramic will provide us with the ability to engage clients in a meaningful way early on in the lifecycle of a matter, build trust and show our business acumen with agility and speed. Ultimately, Panoramic will ideally help us drive growth with existing customers who recognize the efficiency we’ve achieved and expand our influence and reputation in the legal market as a whole.”

Incorporating K&L Gates’ feedback was an integral part of the agile product development process Thomson Reuters utilized to build Panoramic. K&L Gates contributors, including many of their practicing attorneys and partners, provided input on everything from the visual design and user experience of Panoramic’s key features, such as the revenue dashboards, budgeting interface and task dashboards, to help Thomson Reuters deliver a product that will meet the needs of their lawyers and deliver ROI to the firm.

“It made me realize that Thomson Reuters is not only thinking about building the product, but aware of the challenges law firms face in attorney adoption and change management,” Knoblauch said. “By the end of the study, we were able to help express and solidify a path for our firm to evaluate what ROI looks like for a product of Panoramic’s scope and breadth, which has also helped me and our firm stakeholders better evaluate other legal products in a nuanced fashion.”

The process benefited the firm and Thomson Reuters, and their collaboration, in turn, will help all Panoramic users to operate more efficiently by combining in-firm knowledge and resources with business tools.

Listen in as K&L Gates shares what it was like to partner with Thomson Reuters:

  • Hear how K&L Gates gained a competitive advantage with Panoramic.
  • Learn how K&L Gates partnered with Thomson Reuters to advance legal project management.
  • See how Panoramic gave K&L Gates a 360-degree view into the business and practice of law.
  • See how K&L Gates associates are gaining advantages with Panoramic.

“We really support the thought process behind Panoramic – connecting the assets that Thomson Reuters already has between Practical Law and Elite, and integrating that into an attorney’s workflow – as it’s consistent with the direction we as a firm and the legal industry as a whole is moving in,” Gabler said.

“We are immensely grateful for K&L Gates’ collaboration,” added Hardy of Thomson Reuters. “Their eagerness to use technologies and new approaches to better serve clients made us better product developers. Going forward, K&L Gates’ contributions will allow all Panoramic users to tie together pricing and project management with the knowledge management side in a way that was impossible – until now.”

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