Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page is stepping down from the bench later this month, and he’ll be taking a unique momento with him. Justice Page was presented this week with a series of specially compiled hard cover volumes containing all of the opinions that he wrote during his 20+ years on the state’s highest court.

The bound volumes were presented by Craig Yolitz, vice president, customer operations and account management, and Tom Leighton, vice president, Legal Editorial Operations, whose team compiled the opinions.

Page was first elected to the court in 1992, becoming the first African-American on the Minnesota Supreme Court. Minnesota has mandatory retirement for judges in the month when they turn 70.

Justice Page has left his mark on the state not only as a jurist, but also through his Page Education Foundation which encourages youth of color to pursue post-secondary education, and, of course, as an All-Pro defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Craig Yolitz, Justice Alan Page, Tom Leighton

Craig Yolitz, Justice Alan Page, Tom Leighton

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