This post was written by Rachel Billman.

“In today’s world, litigation is a contact sport”, says New York attorney Anthony Curto.  The courts are clogged with thousands of cases. Lawsuits often take years, they cost too much, drain all parties psychologically and financially, and produce outcomes that no one can predict.  Day by day, with each legal experience, people are losing confidence in the system’s ability to deliver justice.

Who is to blame for its failures? Lawyers?  Judges?  Legislators?  Our litigious-minded culture?

In his new book, THE TIME FOR JUSTICE: How the excesses of time have broken our civil justice system, Curto claims, “The enemy to of our judicial system is… time. The time between the inception of a case and its conclusion must be shortened—and shortened dramatically. Ninety-five percent of cases are settled without a trial because those involved are mentally and financially exhausted and no longer trust the court system. It is the role of our judicial system to not only resolve issues in a timely manner but to teach good behavior in the process and none of this is happening today.”

We interview Anthony Curto about delays in the judicial system, and his proposed ‘time fixes’ to correct the system.

Listen to the interview now by clicking the Play button on the built-in player below, or or listen later by right-clicking here.

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