Thomson Reuters Concourse is a hosted suite of matter-based software solutions designed to help Corporate Counsel and Government customers manage both daily legal and business operations and to unite our products into one user experience. An exciting feature is the data connectivity in each product, which enables the systems to work together either from an office desktop or mobile device.

“Concourse was built to respond to three connections legal departments want most,” said Eric Laughlin, managing director, Corporate Counsel. “It connects tools through smart software integration, it connects people through collaboration and mobile enablement, and it connects Thomson Reuters and legal department data into the workflow where decisions are made.”

Although rolled out to several Corporate Counsel customers already, Concourse will officially launch at New York LegalTech on Jan. 29, and include Matter Room and Legal Hold, as well as connectivity with other Thomson Reuters solutions including Serengeti Tracker, Capitol Watch, Reuters News and WestlawNext.

Matter Room responds to our customers’ growing volume of documents and enables them to organize matters; upload emails and documents; collaborate with inside partners and outside counsel; search, review and annotate documents; and track legal tasks across their entire department in a hosted environment.

Legal Hold gives customers a repeatable, automated and defensible method for tracking and reporting on the hold notifications they are required to deliver as part of ongoing legal matters across their companies. If litigation is expected, it’s a less manual and time-consuming way to ensure different people are alerted to preserve any reasonably relevant information.

“Our research and conversation with our customers revealed a dramatic evolution in how lawyers work,” says Laughlin. “At the same time their roles are changing from risk managers to corporate strategists, the volume of documents and complexity of cases is exploding. Yet organizations are being expected to run leaner and find ways to control and reduce costs.”

Thomson Reuters Concourse will streamline the management of all aspects of legal departments and ultimately result in greater efficiency, collaboration and financial effectiveness to help enable legal professionals to better handle their daily operations.

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