Consumerization of technology, change management, or globalization? What will dominate the legal technology landscape in the year 2020?

Monica Bay, editor-in-chief of Law Technology News, along with six industry leaders, including CIOs from prominent law firms, discussed this question and more in an energizing panel session on Wednesday morning: “[R]evolution: Industry Leaders Discuss Law2020 Hot Topics”.

The format was modeled after the popular TEDTalks seen on and each of the panelists gave a short 9-minute presentation before opening up the floor for questions.

Highlights included a humorous presentation by George Rudoy, founder & CEO of Integrated Legal Technology, LLC on the numerous faux pas that one can inadvertently commit while conducting business in the new global environment.

Panelists also discussed the use of mobile technology, including iPads, and how firms are working to incorporate these technologies into their daily operations including providing technology support and allowances to purchase the equipment.

There was also a fair amount of discussion around the “new normal” legal market environment, and one panelist commented that 2008 is when lawyers stopped being a “protected species.” But instead of trying to do more with less, which is unsustainable, panelists encouraged law firms to look for ways to do things differently.

Overall, it was a very lively session with a lot of great discussion. Afterwards, we caught up with Monica Bay and Brian Zeve, consultant to the legal industry and former head of Microsoft’s legal and professional service industry initiative, to learn their takes on the discussion. Check out both videos below:

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