LeClair Ryan’s Erik Gustafson and Chris Lange shared with VANTAGE Worldwide 2019 conference attendees some of the key benefits they’ve experienced using Panoramic, a unique workflow solution from Thomson Reuters that enables firms to plan, manage, and execute legal matters with confidence.

Giving everyone in the firm a view to the big picture of planning, managing and executing matters demystifies both the practice of law for non-attorneys and the business of law for attorneys. “It removes any tension,” explained Gustafson. It makes it easier and simpler for anyone to understand why and how legal work is pursued. It also better prepares attorneys to have client conversations around budget and other non-legal matters.

Junior associates, in particular, are able to gain a lot of insight into managing and working client matters. “This is something they didn’t learn in law school,” commented Gustafson. By being able to see the big picture, they are better able to understand how their tasks contribute to the matter, helping them proactively pursue the next steps. Panoramic also identifies who most recently or frequently completed the task at hand and can contact that person as a subject matter expert. Lange added, “In today’s modern law firm, it doesn’t matter if that expert lives in another city or is working from their home office. They don’t have to work ’down the hall’ to know who to contact.”

Panoramic enables firms to record processes of how to proceed with a matter and repeat those steps at scale. “It is helping to build our firm’s brand to show we have a way of doing work no matter which attorney you are working with,” said Lange. “Having a process also lends itself to predictability, which is loved by our finance people.”

More information on Panoramic is available here.

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