The ongoing commitment of Thomson Reuters to access to justice and the global rule of law manifests through its long-standing support of programs like Books for Africa – a non-profit organization that sends millions of books, computers, e-books and other educational materials to countries throughout Africa. But the work to strengthen and improve the legal mechanisms in nations like Kenya also comes from “boots on the ground” work led by people like Peter Vincent, general counsel for Thomson Reuters Special Services, who is one of many who have worked closely with lawyers and others throughout the region to support the rule of law as a means to confront violent extremism.

In this very special edition of For Public Consumption, Sharon Sayles-Belton, vice president of government affairs at Thomson Reuters, discusses with Peter how he became engaged in this effort, why this work is so vital to this region and what the future holds for programs like Books for Africa and Lawyers without Borders in Kenya and beyond.

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