On Day 3 of ILTA>ON, the spotlight will be on Richard Punt, managing director of Legal Strategy and Market Development for Thomson Reuters, who will deliver the keynote address, After the Quake: Predictions for an Uncertain Legal Future.

Punt’s address will explore the longer-term implications of the past few months for a legal market already in flux. Will we see a return to business as usual, an acceleration of existing trends or genuine discontinuity?

Tune in at 10 a.m. Eastern on Aug. 26 to hear his insights.

Also, watch his interview with Beth Anne Stuebe, ILTA director of publications and press, about ILTA>ON and why it’s important for Thomson Reuters to take part in the conference.

In addition to Punt’s keynote on Aug. 26, two Thomson Reuters Labs colleagues – Aileen Schultz, senior manager, and Brian Romer, director of design – will present a master class, Activating the Change Mindset.

Their session will help participants cultivate change in their organization, focusing on the change mindset that is needed for the adoption of technology, particularly those technologies that are emerging and difficult to understand. They will explore some of the common barriers to the adoption of change and new technologies, and share concrete mechanisms and techniques for helping teams break down those barriers. Their session begins at 1:30 p.m. Eastern on Aug. 26.

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