Next week Thomson Reuters will join leaders, managers and legal technologists from law firms, law departments and academia in Orlando for ILTACON 2019.

The conference will focus on legal operation strategies for today’s transforming legal industry, and Thomson Reuters will host or participate on six panels highlighting innovations and disruption in the legal space.

First up is a “Transforming the Legal Industry” session on Aug. 19. Rawia Ashraf, Thomson Reuters product lead for Legal Tech Innovation, and Babar Hayat, Thomson Reuters product lead for Product Strategy, will share findings from their recent conversations with law firms, corporate counsel and technology partners about how to accelerate broader adoption of legal tech – and the need for an open platform for the legal tech space.

Jill Schornack, Thomson Reuters senior director of Product Management, and Nate Baker, Thomson Reuters global account executive for Panoramic, will present “A Bold New Vision for the Way Lawyers Work” on Aug. 20. They will highlight how the legal workflow solution Panoramic is changing the legal market by helping users connect the practice and business of law, and enabling them to better plan, manage and execute legal matters.

Also on Aug. 20, Justin Farmer, Thomson Reuters director of Product Management, along with Serena Wellen and Ragav Jagannathan, will discuss “What’s New in Voice-Based Virtual Assistants for Legal.” They will share how smart speakers and virtual assistants like Alexa can change how attorneys interact with technology, as well as the associated privacy and security risks.

Zena Applebaum, Thomson Reuters director of Professional Firm & Corporate Customer Segments, and Ginevra Saylor will speak about “Disruption on the Front Lines,” the third session in the Disruption Series, on Aug. 21. They will give attendees an opportunity to apply the disruption tools and skills learned in the first two Disruption Series sessions by collaborating to solve a real-world problem faced by litigation support and legal operations professionals.

Also on Aug. 21, Joe Raczynski, Thomson Reuters technology manager, Tom Schecker and Aaron Sherman will give a guided tour into the Internet underworld in “Deep Dive into the Dark Web.” See how and why law firms’ client data has become a multimillion-dollar business for criminals, and learn how to protect clients’ data.

On the final day of the conference, Zorik Pesochinsky, Thomson Reuters market development lead, and Brownie Davis and Al Hounsell will present “A Non-Technical Introduction to the Application Program Interface – What It Is and How to Use It.” It will be a non-technical discussion on how an API can strengthen knowledge management solutions.

For ILTACON coverage during the conference, visit Legal Current and follow @LegalCurrent on social. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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