C-Track Appellate Case Management System (AppellateCMS) will serve as the official case management solution for the Illinois Supreme Court and the five Illinois appellate courts, Thomson Reuters announced today. The project also includes C-Track Document Management, E-Filing and Public Access — tools that will improve the courts’ ability to perform their duties as well as improve service to patrons.

C-Track AppellateCMS, designed specifically for courts to capture, track, process and report on cases moving through the appeals process, provides the ability to better manage information, improve visibility and court performance, and maximize efficiencies. The appellate courts in the state of Illinois handle more than 10,000 case filings annually. In 2012 alone, the five Illinois appellate courts, not including the Illinois Supreme Court, received filings for more than 8,000 cases and disposed of nearly as many.

“C-Track is core to our strategy of improving the functions of courts and legal systems around the world, and will consolidate the different standalone systems currently operating within the Illinois appellate courts into one comprehensive, accurate and accessible system,” said Manoj Jain, vice president, Court Management Solutions at Thomson Reuters. “We are excited to be involved in such a transformative project, which will bring substantive value to both the court’s staff and other users of the system, including justices, judges and staff, as well as the general public, while improving operational efficiencies and streamlining case processing in Illinois appellate courts.”

Illinois released a request for information (RFI) in 2011 engaging vendors to develop technical requirements for a new court management software system. In its review, Illinois chose to partner exclusively with Thomson Reuters and its Court Management Solutions team to implement C-Track.

To learn more, visit Thomson Reuters Court Management Solutions.

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