James Jarvis, senior director of Product Development for Thomson Reuters, lives and breathes by customer feedback. “Everything we do is based on customer interaction, whether we are talking about a concept or a final design, “ he says.

In creating Concourse, a matter-based suite of solutions for corporate law departments and government organizations, Jarvis and his team continuously sat down with customers to walk them through wireframes and then feed their information back into the design process. Then, as they moved through the product development lifecycle – from paper wireframes to actual coded design – they kept iterating that discourse with the customer.

“We are obsessed with the idea of continually going back to the customer and making sure that the things that we do work best for them,” says Jarvis. “We want our products to be an extension of our customers’ workflow. This requires continual reiteration and refactoring because technology continues to change and the way people work continues to change.”

In the video clip below, Jarvis talks about his work with customers as he was creating Concourse, how Concourse changed the way law is practiced in corporations, the Concourse product roadmap, and what his best day on the job looks like. Stop by booth #307 at ABA Techshow for a free demo of Concourse.

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