shutterstock_102061723_thumbWhile there may be 20 shopping days left this holiday season, initial reports show that this past Cyber Monday already netted $3 billion in sales, up 12 percent from last year.

But where are these enthusiastic consumers when they are scouring the Web for items on their holiday buying list? According to a 2014 FindLaw survey, 35 percent of Americans shop online while they’re at work. Those surveyed noted that they shop on-the-clock to keep their presents a secret, take advantage of faster Internet connections or to save time.

So while you’re looking for this year’s hot holiday gift items, as FindLaw suggests, you should be familiar with the Internet-use policies at your workplace. After all, your child may be excited that you found a new Star Wars LEGO set online, but you might not like that lump of coal from your boss when they catch you shopping at your desk.


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