HighQ is making it easier for users to collaborate while building and scaling advanced solutions. The new version 5.2 brings templating capabilities that improve efficiency and make it easier to create standardized, repeatable solutions using HighQ’s collaboration, workflow and project management capabilities.

Enhancements also include other transactional efficiency and security improvements:

Solutions templating: Standardize sites and their configuration to create repeatable, portable templates.

Advanced document bundling for assembling, sharing and storing document bundles with custom metadata for specific transaction or litigation matters.

Enhanced two-factor authentication for extra security using mobile authenticator apps.

Artificial intelligence (AI) improvements for increased user control of Kira integration and more detailed status reporting.

Improved publishing capabilities for faster, more scalable implementation of client portals, knowledge hubs and intranets.

Easier integration with HighQ APIs via Swagger

“We are excited about the release of HighQ 5.2,” said Stuart Barr, chief product and strategy officer of HighQ. “Solutions templating is the final piece of the puzzle to allow our customers to scale the advanced solutions they build using our platform. It allows the powerful platform capabilities to be leveraged much more easily and broadly than ever before and will help continue to drive transactional efficiency and process transformation. We really see it as a game changer.”

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