I recently read a great story about Hennelly & Grossfeld, and one of their clients, Fidelity National Title Group (FNTG), and how they are strategically leveraging technology to reduce costs, be more efficient and collaborate and remain competitive.

Hennelly & Grossfeld partners Susan Clary and Tom Case use WestlawNext as a cost savings tool, as well as a differentiator. And according to the findings of a 2011 Client Advisory law firms will need to differentiate themselves based on quality, efficiency, or cost in order to gain market share, keep their existing business, or win new business.

Fidelity National Title Group also uses WestlawNext and looks to partner with firms that do the same. Jennifer Nicolitz, law librarian with FNTG, uses it every day and recommends that outside counsel use it as well to control legal costs and drive results in this more challenging economic climate.

“We thought that [this research technology] would be a good fit for our legal department because we have a lot of cost-saving initiatives that are the focus of the company right now. And, given the current state of the economy, one of those [initiatives] is creating synergies and completing work faster so that our attorneys are more efficient. WestlawNext helped us do that.”

Read the article to learn more about how Hennelly & Grossfeld and FNTG partner to drive efficiencies and cost savings in the new economy through technology.

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