St. Thomas Lawyer recently highlighted how legal professionals are working with and on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and Rachel Beithon, product developer at Thomson Reuters, was among the University of St. Thomas law school alumni featured in the article.

In the profile, Beithon shares her AI insights and discusses her work on product development, marketing and thought-leadership initiatives. She spent several years as a reference attorney for Thomson Reuters prior to joining the product development side of the business.

She emphasizes that, like most lawyers, her background is not in math or science. Her interest in AI, machine learning and data analytics came from working to understand how these integrate into products like Westlaw Edge to support more efficient and effective legal research.

Beithon’s advice for current and future lawyers included: “You certainly do not need to be an expert in AI or machine learning, but knowing what it is, and why it can benefit you and your client will make you a better attorney.”

Read the full article –  Tech-Savvy and Human-Centric: School of Law Alumni Embrace Artificial Intelligence – in St. Thomas Lawyer.

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