Scott McCleskey, global head of financial services regulation, Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk & Compliance, served as the moderator for a panel at the 2012 Global Ethics Summit, held March 15-16 in New York, discussing heavily regulated industries. The panel featured Mitchell Avnet, senior vice president and chief ethics and compliance officer, Lincoln Financial Group, and Tom Wyatt, chief ethics and compliance officer and securities counsel, American Water.

The panel opened discussing the different types of regulations their respective industries face and how they implement those regulations. Avnet, discussing the recent amount of regulations created in the financial industry stated, “The last four years were the hardest 10 years of my life.”

The discussion progressed to using and implementing technology in an effort to help the process of monitoring, organizing and prioritizing the information, as well as tools to help manage the regulatory structure within their organization.

McCleskey recaps the session and highlights his takeaways.

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