The Twin Cities chapter of the American Red Cross was formed in 1915 and provides relief to local victims of fires, floods, tornadoes and other disaster situations.  They help anyone affected by an unexpected crisis, assisting with emergency housing, food, clothing, emergency medical supplies, essential household furnishing and supplies, professional mental health counseling, and other recovery support at a time when they are vulnerable. Simply stated, they help anyone, at any time, who is in need of assistance. That is one of the reasons why Craig Yolitz, vice president of Customer Operations for FindLaw, is proud to be a part of the Twin Cities chapter and represent Thomson Reuters on the board of the American Red Cross.

Thomson Reuters’ support of the American Red Cross was recognized in June at the Red Cross annual meeting, when Craig accepted an award on behalf of the company for ongoing sponsorship and contributions.

One example of this sponsorship is the Heroes Breakfast, an annual ceremony in which the American Red Cross recognizes those who have made an extraordinary decision to put their own needs aside in order to help others. Thomson Reuters sponsored the Law Enforcement Award at the 2011 Heroes Breakfast, which was awarded to St. Paul police officers Jermaine Davis, Todd Ludvick, Jason Giampolo and Justin Tiffany.


Davis, Ludvick, Giampolo and Tiffany were on duty at the 2010 State Fair when a truck accident caused a power line to go down, injuring two people. The power line fell into the lap of a traffic attendant, and made contact with another man standing with his family behind the attendant. Both men suffered injuries from the electricity, but were ultimately alright, due to fast action by the police officers, who pulled away the attendant and helped the family to safety.

In addition to our corporate sponsorship of the American Red Cross, Thomson Reuters employees are saving lives through their support of the Red Cross’s work. Since 2001, the American Red Cross has collected 5,731 units of blood during blood drives hosted on the Thomson Reuters Eagan campus. Since every blood donation can impact up to three lives, Thomson Reuters employees have helped over 17,000 patients in need of blood products.

To learn more about the American Red Cross please visit their website.

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