Thomson Reuters is incorporating generative AI capabilities enterprise-wide to provide customers with a more conversational experience, intuitive automation, time savings and a significantly improved user experience. Integrating this new technology will transform Thomson Reuters solutions and enable customers to get their work done faster.  

Thomson Reuters is prioritizing its legal product suite, including Westlaw Precision, Practical Law and Legal Drafting tools, and Legal Current is sharing a preview of what’s to come. Today we look at how Thomson Reuters is developing its own intelligent Legal Drafting solution and working with Microsoft to develop a contract drafting solution, powered by its legal products and content, and Copilot for Word. 

Drafting Tool Plugin  

Providing users with a draft working document and access to trusted content where work happens – in Microsoft Word – enables legal professionals to use their expertise to edit, validate, and build the final document with integrated access to Thomson Reuters knowledge, content, and AI technology. The Drafting tool brings together content and intelligence from across Westlaw, Practical Law, and Document Intelligence to surface key insights, legal knowledge, and answers to complex questions.   

Generative AI capabilities will enable Legal Drafting tool users to draft and modify contracts and clauses within Microsoft Word. Thomson Reuters will enhance large language models (LLMs) by leveraging trusted data such as Practical Law standard clauses, precedent and drafting notes – to provide context to the AI so that the results we deliver are more accurate and verifiable than LLMs alone.   

Also, users will be able to pull Practical Law clauses and content directly into their drafting process, using a dialogue-based search to identify the right language for their contract. Users can also summarize and compare clauses and drafts within Word using Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence. These capabilities will allow users to quickly address issues, make decisions, and move on to the next issue in their contract negotiation.   

Leveraging industry-leading Practical Law content – that’s created and maintained by a team of more than 650 attorney editors – enables Thomson Reuters to improve accuracy with the Legal Drafting tool. Also, it uses legal-trained AI from Document Intelligence to rapidly recommend and compare different clauses in a contract, enabling users to quickly and accurately handle drafting.   

June 13 Webinars and Additional Insight  

Legal professionals and law firms can register for a free webinar on June 13 at noon Central time for a sneak peek of the Drafting tool plugin. Paul Fischer, president of Legal Professionals, will be joined by Mike Dahn, head of Westlaw Product Management; Emily Colbert, head of Product Management, Know How and Compliance; Joel Hron, vice president of Technology; and Rawia Ashraf, vice president of Product Management. They’ll share product demos to highlight how Thomson Reuters is shaping the future of work in the legal profession.  

Also, a free webinar for corporates and legal in-house teams will be held June 13 at 10 a.m. Central time. Laura Clayton McDonnell, president of Corporates, will be joined by the product leaders listed above. They will share product demos to show how Thomson Reuters is redefining the way corporate in-house legal professionals work.   

Watch this demo to see the integration between the Drafting tool and Microsoft 365 Copilot for Word in action. In the demo, Copilot creates a draft contract with help from a Thomson Reuters plugin that surfaces intelligence and content from Westlaw, Practical Law, and Document Intelligence – delivering in minutes work that used to take hours directly into Microsoft Word. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to play the video.)   

Finally, visit for more on efforts to incorporate generative AI, including the plugin with Microsoft 365 Copilot. 

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