“Success, however you define it, requires the ability to anticipate changes, assess the challenges and opportunities they bring, and craft responses that will keep you ahead of the curve,” Brian Peccarelli, chief operating officer for Customer Markets at Thomson Reuters, noted in his opening from the latest issue of Forum magazine.

The Fall 2018 issue centers on the theme “The Art of Balancing Profitability and Value.” While dynamism in the Legal industry is certainly nothing new, much of the content featured in this issue focuses on seizing opportunities in this environment.

Among the pieces in the latest issue is a fresh look at GDPR and data privacy, steps for building a data-driven practice, and an illuminating Q&A with Kim Rivera, chief legal officer and general counsel at HP, and Chris Maguire, managing director of the Corporate sector at Thomson Reuters. In their discussion, Rivera touts the value of diversity to firms, including the performance benefits to firms that embrace D&I goals.

“First, I hold a fervent belief that everybody deserves a fair chance to achieve whatever they aspire to achieve,” Rivera explains in the Q&A. “Second, I know from experience that a diverse team is more dynamic and innovative than a homogenous team.”

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