A few weeks ago, we launched the first in a series of blog posts about Firm Central, the hosted practice management solution designed for small law firms. In addition to providing firms with traditional practice management features like the ability to store documents and contacts in a secure online environment, Firm Central has some truly unique features. Next in our series, we focus on security.

Security is a legitimate concern for many attorneys who store information in a cloud-based platform. Where will the data be stored? Is it encrypted? Can a company that has only been around for a few years be trusted? What if they go out of business?

Attorneys have an ethical duty to protect their client’s confidential information. This can be difficult to do when so many states simply tell them to use “reasonable care” when choosing a cloud provider (click here to see what the ABA has summarized as cloud ethics options in the U.S.).  Thomson Reuters also has an obligation to interpret “reasonable care,” which the company takes very seriously. With Firm Central, there is no need to worry about security. Thomson Reuters U.S.-based data centers provide hosted storage where encryption for transmissions, backup and on-site monitoring are secure. Intrusion-detection and virus-protection software are included, and employee access to customer-stored data requires appropriate security credentials.

Firm Central comes with 24/7 support. Highly trained Technical Support staff is available and on-site around the clock every day of the year. More than 500 IT, security, power, and other engineers support the infrastructure.

So while security is a legitimate concern, it should be one less worry for Firm Central customers. Learn more about Firm Central at firmcentral.com and let us know your thoughts!

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