You don’t have to be a Alaskan crab fisherman on “The Deadliest Catch” to worry about on-the-job injuries. Even seemingly harmless office jobs can pose risks on carpal tunnel syndrome and slip-and-fall accidents.

A new FindLaw survey found that one in five Americans say that they have been injured while on the job.

Here are the most common worker injuries that resulted in taking time off the job, according to the FindLaw survey:

  • Falling/slipping: 31%
  • Repetitive motion (e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome): 20%
  • Injured by machinery or struck by object: 17%
  • Motor vehicle accident: 12%
  • Other musculoskeletal injury (e.g., overexertion, lifting, back pain, etc.): 37%
  • Workplace violence: 5%
  • Burn (heat or chemical): 3%
  • Other: 9%

(Note: figures total more than 100% due to multiple injuries)

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