Litigators are demanding more than just area expertise from expert witnesses these days.  They expect expert witnesses to understand more of the litigation process, and what the expert’s role in that process is. Litigation is too important to go in with an untrained expert witness.

Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services (TREWS) today launched Expert Witness 101, the first in a series of expert witness professional development courses. This free, entry-level course introduces new experts to key concepts of being an expert witness, including: what to expect when working with an attorney, how to market yourself and your expert witness business, and how to work with a referral service.

Expert Witness 101 is free, and features guest presentations from Rosalie Hamilton of Expert Communications, and  Marvin Tenenbaum of Berkeley Research Group.

In addition to on-line education, Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services offers a wide range of other professional development services, such as individualized conference alerts, litigation vocabulary classes, publications in over 30 areas of expertise, web site design and management services and more.

In the initial installment of the Expert Witness 101 video series, Toby Edwards, manager of Expert Witness Services at TREWS, how the series can benefit experts seeking to develop or expand their expert witness practice.

TREWS will be offering additional expert witness professional development classes later in 2012. One will introduce experts to report writing, and another will cover how to prepare for a deposition and testimony.

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