During the 2012 Global Ethics Summit, Scott McCleskey, global head of financial services regulation, Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk & Compliance, served as the moderator for a panel discussing the evolution of the chief ethics and compliance officer.

The panel featured a group covering multiple industries and years of experience, including: Elliott Fisch, director-internal audit and chief compliance officer, Easton-Bell Sports; Laura Merten, chief compliance officer, Walgreen Co.; Kimberly Strong, vice president and chief ethics and compliance officer, Consolidated Edison of New York; and Alan Yuspeh, senior vice president and chief ethics and compliance officer, Hospital Corporation of America.

The session began focusing on how the role has evolved over the last 20 years, emphasizing that the position has become a profession in its own right and covers a broader range of responsibilities, and that generally the level of resources has risen to meet these broader responsibilities.

Following the initial discussion of the evolution of the position, the conversation turned to the authority and independence required in the role, and how vital those elements are for the position to be successful within the organization.

McCleskey highlights the topics discussed during the session.

The Global Ethics Summit, held March 15-16 in New York, included numerous panel discussions that featured CEOs, board chairs, executive leaders, and government and regulatory officials offering in-depth analysis and best practices surrounding ethics and compliance. Each of these panels, including the Evolution of the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, is available via video on westlegaledcenter.com.

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