Data Privacy Advisor Enforcement Heat MapKeeping up with the global data privacy regulatory landscape can be challenging as new enforcement actions can emerge anywhere, anytime. Thomson Reuters Data Privacy Advisor is introducing a new feature that lets data privacy professionals quickly and easily track and assess new developments in today’s fast-moving regulatory environment.

The Enforcement Heat Map provides an at-a-glance view of enforcement actions across multiple jurisdictions. Users can instantly see which jurisdictions are the most active and how they compare with other jurisdictions across different time periods. Clicking on a hot spot zooms in the view and lists all the enforcement actions for that specific country or jurisdiction. Users can then download, print or share via email the list of enforcement actions, and see details of enforcement actions.

Launched earlier this year, Data Privacy Advisor is a specialized data privacy research solution that brings the company’s vast collection of global legal and regulatory information together with expansive data privacy guidance from Practical Law editors, curated news, and a question-answering feature built by artificial intelligence and technology professionals from Thomson Reuters and IBM Watson.



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