I had the privilege of hosting the opening keynote session at VANTAGE EMEA this week and both Eric Ruud and I devoted a lot of our time to discussing our continued focus and commitment to Customer Advocacy.  We have made many changes to enhance the customer experience over the past year. As I said onstage Monday morning, Customer Advocacy is something I am sincerely passionate about and am confident will improve every facet of our customers’ experience.

I highlighted eight major initiatives we have implemented, but for now let me share with you two of those that especially resonated with our customers at VANTAGE.

This year, we successfully re-launched The Community, our online social networking platform for Thomson Reuters Elite clients. We now have dedicated resources managing it, providing the care and feeding of it if you will… to ensure questions are answered as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and that there is always interesting, relevant and current content. Over the past year, the number of members has more than doubled, and the engagement has increased ten-fold. There are now multiple, daily conversations going on between our clients across the globe, on subjects relating to all our products and solutions. Our employees often chime in with advice and commentary where appropriate.  It is now the “go-to” place when a client wonders how another client handles a particular issue or situation. I’m quite sure we’ve still only scratched the surface of the power of The Community, and am excited to see how it progresses over the next year!

VANTAGE EMEA 2016 is been bigger and better than ever-  I really could go on and on! –  but it has been truly inspiring to experience and share our commitment, support and partnership with our wonderful customers.

Patrick Hurley is vice president of Customer Advocacy at Elite

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