Well, that session was well attended! Standing room only for the overview of 3E for Enterprise users.

I explained the format was to be a highlight of some of the major differences that exist within 3E, as compared to Enterprise and Webview. We had two projectors running, one with Enterprise and the other with 3E so that we could actually show both and compare them.

Two hours was always going to be a challenge to get through everything, but we made it and I think that people were able to get a good introduction to the new software and get a good idea of the many benefits of 3E, such as point-in-time reporting, single entity structure, full integration with no more need for batch finalising, built-in report writer, integrated workflow, etc. Far too many to list in a short blog.

This was only meant to be a brief introduction, and my objective was to whet the appetite for a more detailed look into 3E’s many benefits over the next three days.  There are many detailed sessions, the learning lab, the booth in the exhibition hall.  And if anyone has any specific questions please drop me an email or comment on this blog post.

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