elitemobile2-300x245“How many of you have smart phones?” Justin Farmer, product manager for Elite, asked that question to kick off the customer session on mobile technology yesterday and to no one’s surprise, everyone in the room raised their hands.

“Who has smart tablets?” 50 percent of the hands stayed up. “Does anyone find these appliances difficult to use?” Not one hand remained in the air.

The tide has turned for law firms and law professionals to want access to their office management suites while they are on-the-go. Fortunately for Elite customers, the prototype application which the team is building is second to none among the other Thomson Reuters mobile apps.

Bob Schukai, global head of Mobile Technology declared, “This promises to be the best user interface of any mobile application across the Thomson Reuters portfolio.”

But along with being awed by the sleek user interface the audience did have some concerns regarding application security.  Justin reassured the group by providing an overview of the mobile security architecture that includes a system known internally as the “mobile gateway.” This system incorporates comprehensive security, while still determining ways to enable a mobile API for customer and partner collaboration.

elitemobile1-300x231All in all, the advances that Elite is making in the mobile space leave us all anxiously awaiting the next installment of access everywhere.

Check out a sneak peek of the iPad app from developer Tom Marchesello.

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