This post was written by Bim Dave, director of Global Technology Services for Thomson Reuters Elite 

One of the most critical elements of any software implementation is the underlying data that the software needs to present and interact with. After all, what good is an attractive user interface if the numbers being presented don’t add up?

Thomson Reuters Elite has been working with customers to migrate data from legacy products to Elite products for many years. That experience has driven us to develop the Elite Conversion Engine (ECE), bringing together our best practice data conversion methodology and technology to produce a faster, cleaner and higher quality conversion for customers migrating to our 3E platform. This allows customers to focus on the value of our software instead of the integrity of their data.

ECE eliminates large amounts of custom conversion coding, which is often prone to human error, by providing an engine to automatically transform instruction-based data maps into code that can be used to extract source data, transform that data based on the needs of the business, and finally load that data into the Elite 3E database. Using ECE, our analysts can focus on defining the business logic needed within the data map itself using a pre-built transformation function library that is incorporated into ECE. It also eliminates the need of having to spend additional time passing on business requirements back and forth to a developer during the lifecycle of an implementation.

As well as performing the extract, transform and load (ETL) of the data, ECE also provides automated data quality checks allowing our expert conversion analysts to quickly identify and correct data issues in the source system. In addition to this, ECE provides a validation framework to allow analysts to easily report on data loaded into the the destination system as well as do comparisons against the source system.

ECE is now Elite’s standard tool for performing data conversions from Elite Enterprise to Elite 3E, as well as other non-Elite platforms to 3E. At our first ECE pilot Enterprise to 3E customer, a large UK law firm, we were able to realize around a 50 percent reduction in the total time to convert the customers’ database in comparison to our previous conversion approach.

Learn more at Elite’s Vantage 2014 Worldwide Conference in New York City this week.

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