Waiting on hold is admittedly no one’s favorite part of interacting with a business. But, with the implementation of a new service called Virtual Hold in our call centers that support many of our legal businesses, our customers will now have the option to bypass waiting on the line.

Virtual Hold is designed to enhance the customers’ experience by offering them an opportunity to wait in line virtually when there are high call volumes and higher than average wait times. Customers are given an estimated wait time that is calculated by a number of factors, including the number of agents staffed and the average length of a call, and are given the option to use the service. When customers choose to use Virtual Hold, their telephone number holds their place in the queue and they are able to hang up. When it is their time to speak with an agent, Virtual Hold will call back the customer’s number.

So far, Virtual Hold has been rolled out in many areas of customer service and tech support and will be going live for reference attorneys in the next few weeks.

“This exciting technology has more benefits to our customers than just the value of being able to do other tasks instead of waiting on the phone,” said Dongi Huss, manager of Technology & Business Systems. “Previously in some of our call center groups, customers had the option to leave a message instead of holding on the line, meaning an agent was assigned administrative duties to sort through the messages we received. Now Virtual Hold eliminates the need for the message system, and that agent can assist our customers in real time and in turn help lower the wait times.”

For more information or to view a demo of the Virtual Hold experience, visit virtualhold.com.

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