Do divorce courts favor men or women? Well, the answer depends on whom you ask. A new survey from says men and women have sharply different views on whether divorce courts tend to favor men or women.

The majority of American men (57 percent) believe that divorce courts generally favor women. However, a nearly equal majority of women (58 percent) either have no opinion or believe that divorce courts generally favor neither men nor women. (In case you’re wondering, men and women do agree on one thing: less than five percent of both men and women think that divorce courts favor men.)

Opinions also differ significantly depending whether a person is single, married or divorced. A whopping 74 percent of divorced men feel that divorce courts favor women. That is a much higher percentage than among single or married men. Meanwhile, women who have gone through a divorce are more likely than single or married women to believe that divorce courts either treat men and women equally, or else favor men.


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