As part of the lead-up to ILTACON 2019 in Orlando, we’re highlighting the six panels Thomson Reuters will be involved at the conference. Today we have a preview of the Deep Dive into the Dark Web session on Aug. 21.

The three-part session will feature a guided tour into the Internet underworld by Joe Raczynski, Thomson Reuters technology manager, Tom Schecker and Aaron Sherman. They’ll explore how and why law firms’ client data has become a multimillion-dollar business for criminals, and share how attendees can protect their clients’ data.

Part 1 will cover the history of the Dark Web, why law firms care about it and how the Tor Browser can be used to access it. Part 2 will look at the types of cryptocurrency available, including untraceable privacy coins; how to acquire cryptocurrency; public and private key encryption, and how the future of digital identity could prevent information from being sold on the Dark Web.

In part 3, attendees will get a real-time, live view of the Dark Web to see what is going on and how it works. Join Thomson Reuters at ILTACON for this exploration of the Internet underworld.