Every year at LegalTech there seems to be something that’s the “buzz” of the show. Generally this is a new product, or new product release, or it’s a new generation of technology that has the promise of ‘revolutionizing’ some element of discovery. This year, while there are several new product releases and technological advancements, the “buzz” at this conference seems to be a little bit different.

So what’s the buzz of LegalTech 2011?

Two current and two former colleagues that I spoke with today summed it up in one word: efficiency. The problem, in its simplest form, is: what can a law firm do to reduce costs and increase revenue to grow margins? How can firms work a little more efficiently across the board?  With better project management? By leveraging new technology to organize internal content? Or with integration used to connect the dots between seemingly disparate elements of litigation? Most likely it’s all of the above.

Whether through changes in technology, process or a combination of both, most panel discussions have centered on efficiency. And frankly, our Westlaw Litigator products hit the nail on the head when it comes to helping make law firms more efficient.

For us it’s not about a single technology, but the confluence of several tools connecting many different processes. For example, tools to help streamline the legal research and drafting processes or solutions to improve discovery review and discovery analytics.

From what I can tell, the “buzz” at LegalTech is definitely around efficiency…and when it comes to making law firms more efficient, no one does it quite like Westlaw Litigator.

Day 1 of LegalTech down. Day 2 on deck.

Guest post by Jeff Friedman, director, Marketing- Westlaw CaseLogistix

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